Client Love

Feeling blessed to work with such wonderful clients and I love sharing their experiences.

Check out some more client results.

‘Tiffany is amazing! I have to say this lady is the real deal. I am a small business owner & hired her to cleanse the office. She was so dead on with every employee and cleansed every inch of the office. I can tell such a difference, I would highly recommend her!
Tracey R.
‘I have had two different sessions with Tiffany. The 1st was a clearing session and it was amazing. The 2nd was a reading. The reading was very specific in regards to what I had asked about. Tiffany is personable, kind, professional and works hard to make sure your get what you pay for. I’ll be back for more.‘ 
Elizabeth S.
“I love working with Tiffany. I had a major breakthrough after working with her the 1st time. She is very gifted and works very quickly. I recommend her to anyone who wants breakthroughs.
Teray S.

Intuitive Readings

In an Intuitive Reading I will scan your body and your life. We can go in depth into abundance, family relationships, career, life purpose, deceased loved ones, and your business. We can look into your future and see what you are creating in all of these areas of your life.

Intuitive Readings can be done in person locally, or remotely via; phone or Skype nearly anywhere in the world.

“I had an hour long reading with Tiffany and I am here to tell you she is a ROCK STAR! She knew things from my life that I had not even told her. She gave me so much insight and also spiritual exercises to do, which I have done by the way–I feel like a load has been lifted! She gave me messages from my dad. She is amazing. I will be calling on her again and only wish that I lived closer to her so that I could participate in her spiritual group! It was a positive experience from start to finish and Miss Tiffany is the real deal!” – Rhonda

Intuitive Healing

Are you ready for huge changes and shifts in your life?

An Intuitive Healing Session is perfect if you are ready to move forward and truly heal your life.

I can work with you in person locally, or via Skype or over the phone no matter where you are in the world.

‘I have had several readings with Tiffany over the last few years and can unequivocally say that she brought me peace at a time where I could not find it elsewhere. Her generosity and kindness is remarkable. My own spiritual training has spanned 25 years and I am a highly discriminating consumer of these types of services. It is easy to endorse her skill, as working with her defines and demonstrates, every time, the transformational power of intuitve healing.’ – Julie M

Business Clearing & Coaching

During a business clearing I will energetically do a clearing that will release anything that is blocking your business.

I am able to work with you and your employees to assist you and them to work through any blocks that you may be experiencing. I have worked with top business professionals, top medical professionals, government professionals, as well as celebrities. My goal is to assist you in being very abundant with your business. I will give you tools to assist you to have more ease with business as well as support you in a spiritual and practical way.

Sessions can be done in person locally or remotely by; phone, Facetime, or by Skype.

“Working with Tiffany has been life-changing! She is intuitive, deeply kind, and so wise. I worked with Tiffany to help release and heal energy blocks I had towards money. I feel so much clearer and free! I am excited to see abundance continue to unfold in my life and experience the joy of being financially free!” – Nicole

Relationship Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? Do you desire to be closer with your partner? Do you want a deeper level of intimacy? Do you want to improve your communication?

During relationship coaching sessions I will work with both you and your partner to assist you in healing your relationship. I will use energy healing and coaching to help you and your partner release blocks and patterns that you both may have. I can do relationship coaching with people who are single as well who want to prepare themselves for an incredible relationship. I look forward to working with you!

“Words literally cannot describe how much you’ve helped