Intuitive Readings

In Intuitive Readings I will scan your body and your life. We can go in depth into health, abundance, family relationships, career, life purpose, deceased loved ones, and your business. We can look into your future and see what you are creating in all of these areas of your life.

What my clients are saying about Intuitive Readings

“I had an hour long psychic reading with Tiffany and I am here to tell you she is a ROCK STAR! She knew things from my life that I had not even told her. She gave me so much insight and also spiritual exercises to do, which I have done by the way–I feel like a load has been lifted! She gave me messages from my dad. She is amazing. I will be calling on her again and only wish that I lived closer to her so that I could participate in her spiritual group! It was a positive experience from start to finish and Miss Tiffany is the real deal!” – Rhonda