“This Is How I Manifested My 5 Figure A Month Business”…

Activating Your Business Energetically: Creating, Manifesting, & Receiving

Activate Your Business

Class 1:

-Learn How To Muscle Test
-How Do You Feel About Money?
-What Is A Struggling Mentality VS An Abundant Reality?
-Looking At Self Judgment & No Longer Judging Yourself In a Negative Way
-Letting Go Of Other People’s Judgments
-Group Healing & Downloads

Class 2:

-Are You Open to Receive?
-Do You Feel Guilty When It Comes To Receiving?
-Do You Feel Unworthy? If Yes Why?
-Healing & Clearing Surrounding This
-Group Healing & Downloads & Receiving Activation

Class 3:

-What Can I Do To Make Money Right Away?
-Asking The Universe What Else Is Possible & Being Stuck Is An Illusion
-Why Failure Is An Illusion
-Making Connections With Others & Selling
-Activating Healing Contracts & Calling In Your Clients & Team Energetically

Class 4:

-Do You Believe That Manifestation Is Possible?
-Why Sometimes Manifestations Don’t Work
-How To Manifest
-Focusing On Your Vision
-What Drives You?
-Asking For A Specific Number
-Group Downloads and Manifestation