Living in a very conservative state this has come up a lot…..
People are extremely judgmental of me for my spiritual beliefs and automatically think I’m a bad person and I’m living my life the “wrong way.”
1. They don’t even know what my beliefs are and that’s personal and for me to know.
2. They judge that intuition is wrong when everyone has intuition whether they will admit it or not.
3. I’m still confused about how praying and meditation every day is so wrong. 🤓
4. Doing healing work is wrong. Interesting when what I basically do is faith healing.
5. When I went through my divorce, what I do for a living was discussed the whole time as something bad. 🤷‍♀️
“Stay away from her.”
It’s not okay to discriminate against people because of their spiritual beliefs, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs or any reason period.
I’m not spending my time discriminating against you and what you believe.
Hate me for helping people, but guess what I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I’m at peace within myself and I accept people with all religious beliefs.
Don’t ever be scared to be yourself!
Don’t ever be scared to show the world who you are.
The world needs you right now!
When people are mean or negative to you, they are unhappy with themselves.
Can you relate?
Are you struggling with putting yourself out there in the world because you are worried about what other people think about you?
Please message me if you need healing, coaching, or support.
-Tiffany Powers