Leaving A Narcissist
When you leave a narcissist they will make you out to be a monster.
They will try to destroy your family, relationships, business/career, and anything that they can get their hands on. They will contact anyone and everyone who will listen and trash you and lie about you.
When you are brave enough to leave a narcissist, be prepared and be strong. Work on your self-love so when they try to harm you, you will be able to know that they are just trying to project their pain onto you.
A lot of times they will also use your kids against you and try to turn them against you.
Work tirelessly to maintain your strong bond with your kids.
Narcissists are seriously sick individuals who get enjoyment out of control and causing people pain.
If you want to beat the narcissist in your life, be the happiest that you can be and love yourself, and love your kids.
Do you need help healing narcissistic abuse?
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-Tiffany Powers